Marcel Broodthaers: “I don't believe in film, nor do I
believe in any other art. I don't believe in the unique artist or the unique work of art. I believe in
phenomena, and in men who put ideas together.”

Marcel Boodthaers:
Pierre Huyghe "Anlee":
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Owen land:
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Jacques Tati - Il portiere:

Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You:
Kenneth Anger: Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome:
Otmar Bauer Zeigt 1969:
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Burned hand, regenerating skin:

Paul Maltby about the work of Donald Barthelme: " responds to epistemological
Uncertainty by exempting itself from the obligation to “know” the world or reflect social
meanings and instead, makes a virtue of simply “ being”, existing as an art-object, as a reality
in its own right "

“ For, far from neglecting him, the author of today proclaims his absolute need of the reader’s
cooperation, an active, conscious, creative assistance. What he asks of him is no longer to
receive ready-made a world completed, full, closed upon itself, but on the contrary to
participate in a creation, to invent in his turn the work - and the world - and thus to learn to
invent his own life.”
Alain Robbe-grillet, For a New Novel.